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The best way to pet a cat

The best way to pet a cat

You may think that petting a cat is easy and simple but do consider that if you haven’t spent much of time around cats or does not know how to pet a cat then it may be difficult for you to pet a cat.
If you pet the cat in the wrong areas it may trigger cat to scratch or bite. According to experts, it is recommended to touch the cat after having some type of interaction beforehand where they are familiar to you.

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In this blog, we will look at best ways to pet a cat.

1. Areas of a cat with scent glands

If you are petting your cat in the areas with scent glands are then use your fingertips or nails and gently rub the chin and jawbones which are connecting to the skull. If the cat is enjoying your touch then it may jut out chin.

2. Areas of a cat behind or between the ears

You should use the pad of fingers while touching the areas behind or between the ears of a cat. Gently apply the pressure as this is another area of a cat with scent glands. If the cat bumps her head then it means that cat likes your touch.

Photo Credit: unsplash.com

3. Petting the cheeks of the cat

Gently touch the cheeks of the cat and if cat likes the way you are touching then the cat will whisk forward and will ask for more.

4. Petting the side face of a cat

Once you warmed up your cat by petting the cheeks then use your middle finger to pet the cat’s mustache (area above the upper lips) and encircle the whole face of the cat.

5. Stroking the cat from forehead to tail

Start by petting the cat from the forehead then run your hand to the tail of the cat and do this several times. Then massage the neck muscles of the cat by pinching but make sure to do it gently as it can cause pain to a cat as well. With gentle fingers apply the pressure in slow motion and do it continuously.

Photo Credit: unsplash.com

Don’ts for stroking the cat

  • Do the massage in one direction because some cats do not like the front and backstrokes.
  • Do not touch the tail by moving your hand to the side.
  • Rub or scratch gently but do not stop at the same place and scratching there. You have to keep your hand moving.
  • Apply the pressure on the tail with caution.

6. Letting your cat come to you

You should let your cat sniff you before you start petting because it will make your cat more comfortable. You may extend your hand and allow the cat to jump and touch his/her nose to your hand.
  • If the cat shows no interest in your hand then you should try to get the cat’s attention but still if the cat shows no interest then try petting the cat another time.
  • If the cat sniffs your hand and rubs her then she may be interested in petting. Open the palm and touch the body of the cat gently.

How to know if your cat likes being petted or not?

There are different ways to check whether the cat is enjoying the petting or not. Some signs are:
  1. Your cat is initiating the contact and coming to you.
  2. Your cat is keeping his/her tail upright and waving the tail to different sides.
  3. Cat is in a relaxed posture and has relaxed facial expressions. Give your cat a pet bed so he/she can relax in the soft and luxurious fabric. Try


  4. Your cat is purring at you or gently bunting you.

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