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The Best Dog Clothing Style

The Best Dog Clothing Style

People who have dogs watch the latest trends and best dog clothing styles each year. Only humans can’t be fashionable and trendy, our canine companions also need to be stylish with the hottest looks. 

In 2021, bright colors for dogs are grabbing attention but it is necessary to balance the bright colors with neutrals and muted colors or shades. 

Dog’s fashion has advanced from fancy collars, bandanas, and hand-knitted sweaters as decades passed by. The dog clothing style should be fashionable and functional for casual wear and it should be adorable for a special event as well. 


Before having a look at the best dog clothing styles, let’s have a look at things that you should consider while selecting clothes for your dog. 

  • Safety of dogs

If you choose clothes that do not fit correctly to your dogs then it can cause entrapment hazards or trips. While buying stylish clothes for your dog make sure that there are no pieces or loops on which the tooth or foot of the dog caught. 

  • Season 

Choose the clothes by considering the season whether it is winter or summer because winter calls for warmer clothes for dogs. Dog’s have their natural temperature tolerance so consider this fact as well. You can’t give a warm jacket for a dog that is thickly coated. 

  • Keep it stylish and fashionable but simple as well 

Many dogs do not like to wear dresses but it does not mean that dogs do not like clothing. It means that the dogs may not like heavy dresses or any type of clothing. Some dogs have ears and they do not like anything which pulls their head or ears tight. 

The best dog’s clothing style 2021

1. Jackets 

Dog jackets allow the dogs to express their personality so choose the jacket for your dog wisely. Leather jackets are always fashion in style and never go out of fashion for any type of dog breed. 

If you want something smooth and light for your dog’s fashion then you should buy a weather-resistant blanket for your dog. 

2. Dog sweaters

You can keep your dog cozy and warm on any occasion with fashionable snuggly sweaters. Sweaters styles for dogs never go out of fashion and these are camouflage. Do not put sweaters on your dog in summers or hot weather but if you want then choose a lightweight sweater for your dog. 

Try the Ugly sweater party holiday pattern sweater for your dog and join the festivities. 

3. Dog collar

Matching leashes and collars are always in style despite design or pattern. According to the latest fashion statistics, studded collars will give a sense of toughness and superiority to your male dog. 

Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/WX4i1Jq_o0Y

4. Dog booties or boots

Dog boots are very simple and practical but always in style. Neoprene or rubber boots are excellent to keep your dog’s feet warm in winter. You can choose anti-slip bottoms and breathable mesh for your dog. These boots will protect your dog from hot pavement and also from accidents. If you want an extra edge for fashion shows or parties then choose adorable sandals or sneakers. 

Photo Credit: https://www.businessinsider.com/best-dog-boots

5. Sunglasses 

Sunglasses keep the styling of the dog. You can put sunglasses on your dog when traveling or in a car. Dogs used to watch outside the windows and it can cause dirt and dust in the eyes of a dog. Sunglasses prevent dust and dirt. Choose the water-proof, adjustable and retro-looking sunglasses for your dog. 

Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/194640015118175288/

6. Bandanas

Bandanas are not about fashion or dressing up for the occasion, but it is the perfect choice for the dog’s clothing style. You can buy bandanas at a very reasonable price and in different colors which makes your dog stylish and cool in any season. Cotton bandana is an excellent choice for your dog. 

If you love sports and want a logo bandana for your dog then you can buy the bandana of your choice from zuzupets.com.

7. Bow tie 

If your canine oozes sophistication then you should put him in a bow tie with a combo of floral shirts. Choose the fun pet bow tie for your dog in summer that will enhance the personality of your dog. 

Photo Credit: https://www.rover.com/blog/pictures-of-puppies-in-bow-ties-fs/

8. Printed dog costume 

In 2021, printed dog’s costume is in the latest trends. Choose the printed shorts for your dog according to the occasion or everyday wear. 

For example, on Halloween, you can choose a Halloween pet costume for your dog which is lightweight and comfortable. You can select a wig as well which will complete the look of your dog. 

9. Weather-resistant coats/ rain coat 

Raincoat or weather-resistant coats are lightweight but waterproof as well and ideal for drizzly days. Choose a soft fleece lining weather-resistant coat for your dog which is comfortable and has a convenient opening for collar access for your dog. 

Photo Credit: https://www.aquamatdog.com/product/raincoat-for-dogs/

Final thoughts 

Dog’s clothing style or fashion is not only for aesthetics or dogs who participate in sports and fashion shows. The dog clothing style should be fashionable and functional at the same time. We had discussed trending clothing styles in this article. Keep updated with the latest fashion news for your dog’s wardrobe. 


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